"Good Game Well Played" - GAMING & ESPORTS

The human race has allways loved funny games and gambling.

There’s no other sector i’m more bullish on in the years to come then gaming. I work with children and see where the world goes and how big gaming has become. At the same time I have adult friends who run Esport teams and who are really engaged in the eSports industry. Professional eSport clubs are popping up all over so everything indicate that we are at the beginning of an explosion! The corona-pandemic has accelerated this unstoppable megatrend. Within eSports and Gaming we will find both the future of entertainment and future of sport Athletes. The gaming industry has already become greater than both the film- and music industry combined!

More people are using gaming as fun & relaxation. And the more engaged we become with gaming, the more money we spend to buy in game inventory. In the purchasing of in game inventory lays a HUGE income potential for the gaming industry

I also like betting/gambling companies. They have really attractive valuations, good growth and are simply big cashflow machines.



Video Gaming


My portfolio

I did a radical choice to sell off all my(in my opinion) expencive stocks. I dont want to overpay and I want a good margin of safety.

Im looking to ad more stocks in the time to come, but only if the valuation gets attractive enough.